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Dr. Piso is well-versed in the ophthalmology field and nuances of navigating successfully through company policy, personnel, and politics.

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Sometimes, a view from the outside can bring an objective, renewing breath of fresh air. Often, companies and their employees are so busy living and working inside an existing corporate culture that the idea of making progress or any form of change can be a challenge.

Whether your goals are to empower specific individuals or to engender systemic change within the broader organizational structure, Piso and Associates will provide the catalyst to move you forward in a positive, proactive manner so that everyone involved will feel renewed, refreshed, and recharged!

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Customized Training Seminars

As a Corporate Trainer, Dr. Piso focuses on the transfer of life and business management skills and offers customized training seminars for your staff on these and other topics:

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Practice Assessment and Consultations

The Medical Model Approach

Ophthalmology practices, ASC’s, and related health care entities seek on-site assessment and consultation for a variety of reasons, requiring an individualized approach to scheduling, format selection, and methods application. The duration of the initial site visit is determined by the goals to be accomplished and is driven by the number of people to be interviewed, the debriefing and intervention meetings, and the travel logistics.

This approach is followed in a structured 3-step process:

1.) Diagnosing

Data is collected through individual/group interviews and records review—taking an x-ray of key practice dynamics and health—to understand the underlying strengths and relative weaknesses regarding organizational effectiveness.

2.) Prescribing

Initial findings are shared with key leaders to educate them with such understanding, followed closely with discussion about options for improvement (i.e., co-creating a treatment plan for individuals and/or the practice as a whole).

3.) Treating

Based upon the initial findings and collaborative plans for intervention (#’s 1 and 2 above), the site visit concludes with some form of intervention(s) with selected physician(s) and/or key leaders, the latter most often involving the Board, Managing Partner, and practice leaders in a systems approach to effecting change beyond the initial site visit. Follow-up coaching and/or training via remote technologies (e.g., SKYPE) is often built into the action plan to continue initial progress.

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Depending on the situation, different topics can be relevant to different people. We adjust these topics and services to each individual.

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Piso and Associates is a psychology-based development initiative dedicated to helping corporations, organizations, and individuals realize their full potential. We provide numerous solutions through a broad array of services and products, many of which can be customized to meet your corporate, organizational, or individual needs.

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