We offer customizable services to meet your corporate, organizational, or individual needs.

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Ophthalmology Services

Dr. Piso is well-versed in the ophthalmology field and nuances of navigating successfully through company policy, personnel, and politics.

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Leadership Coaching for Physicians and Executives

With over 30 years of experience both in and out of clinical practice, Dr. Piso offers uniquely crafted programs and presentations.

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Keynote / Speaking

In demand as a professional Keynote Speaker, Dr. Piso inspires and impresses audiences with his broad knowledge base, compelling delivery, and warm humor.

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What We Do Best

Depending on the situation, different topics can be relevant to different people. We adjust these topics and services to each individual.

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Our Approach

In partnership with our clients, we create and implement intelligent, inspiring programs, motivating people and streamlining systems to enable groups and individuals to experience the empowerment of transformation… at home and at work. 

Dr. Piso is well-known for his calm, centered approach to effective problem-solving, team-building, and resource management. Instead of trying to alter things that cannot change, he gives people the subtle yet powerful gift of re-framing, of helping them alter their world-view to see a situation in a fresh, new light. This simple technique can yield profound understanding and dramatic behavioral change.

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Our Reach

The firm provides services nationally as follows: 1) Medical/Surgical group practices; 2) Graduate medical education; 3) Private industry health insurance; 4) Public sector managed care and human services entities; 5) Corporations; and 6) Educational institutions. Specializations include:  Leadership; Physician/Executive Recruitment and Coaching; Medical Group Practice Management; Interpersonal Effectiveness; Team-Building; Critical Incident Debriefing; Cultural Transformation; Stress Management/Wellness; Motivational Interviewing; and Behavioral Medicine/Health Coaching.

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About Piso and Associates

Piso and Associates is a psychology-based development initiative dedicated to helping corporations, organizations, and individuals realize their full potential. We provide numerous solutions through a broad array of services and products, many of which can be customized to meet your corporate, organizational, or individual needs.

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