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Piso and Associates is a psychology-based development initiative dedicated to helping corporations, organizations, and individuals realize their full potential. We provide numerous solutions through a broad array of services and products, many of which can be customized to meet your corporate, organizational, or individual needs. We specialize in ophthalmology and other medical practices.

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In partnership with our clients, we create and implement intelligent, inspiring programs, motivating people and streamlining systems to enable groups and individuals to experience the empowerment of transformation… at home and at work. 

Dr. Piso is well-known for his calm, centered approach to effective problem-solving, team-building, and resource management. Instead of trying to alter things that cannot change, he gives people the subtle yet powerful gift of re-framing, of helping them alter their world-view to see a situation in a fresh, new light. This simple technique can yield profound understanding and dramatic behavioral change.

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We tailor all of the services we offer to each individual, organizational, or corporate need. We are against the one-size-fits-all method as each and every business or person is different. That’s why we create unique and effective solutions for each of our clients.

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Ophthalmology Services

Dr. Piso is well-versed in the ophthalmology field and nuances of navigating successfully through company policy, personnel, and politics.

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Leadership Coaching for Physicians and Executives

With over 30 years of experience both in and out of clinical practice, Dr. Piso offers uniquely crafted programs and presentations.

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Keynote / Speaking

In demand as a professional Keynote Speaker, Dr. Piso inspires and impresses audiences with his broad knowledge base, compelling delivery, and warm humor.

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Dr. Craig Piso

Craig N. Piso, PH.D.

License: Psychologist: PS-004245-L, 1983, State of Pennsylvania

About Craig Piso

Craig N. Piso, Ph.D., is a licensed Psychologist/Consultant with over 40 years of professional experience working with organizations and corporations, and in clinical practice. Raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, he graduated Summa Cum Laude in Psychology from Grove City College, and then earned both MA and Ph.D. degrees in Educational Psychology at the University of Pittsburgh.

Dr. Piso is a licensed Psychologist with training and experience since 1979 that has included roles in family systems clinical practice, corporate managed behavioral health, and consulting for Ophthalmology, business, and educational clients. He is also the founder and President of Piso and Associates, LLC, an Organizational Development consulting firm based in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Dr. Piso has published a highly acclaimed leadership book, Healthy Power…Pathways to Success in Work, Love and Life (Balboa Press, 2012).  He has also been a contributing author to a variety of books, has published numerous articles within health care journals, and is an award-winning and well-attended presenter at Ophthalmology professional development conferences.

Work With Dr. Piso

How it All Began

His professional resumé is rich and diverse within a general realm of concentration. He first worked as a Mental Health Clinician at a Community Mental Health Center Children’s Outpatient Dept. in Pittsburgh, then moved on to work as a Child Psychologist for six years in a staff model HMO medical system. His next professional endeavor involved a seven year stint as a Psychologist and Center Director within a managed care (HMO) environment in Maryland in what would eventually become the world’s largest, for-profit managed behavioral health company (as Clinical Director for state operations, a total of 2,000,000 insured members were under his direction). After this experience, Dr. Piso was appointed Vice President of the largest network of behavioral health providers in New Jersey.

After years working inside other companies, Dr. Piso felt that it was time to strike out on his own and, in 2001, opened Signet Health Solutions, Inc. Shortly thereafter, he partnered with another individual to create a consulting business that thrived for the next seven years.

In 2008, those companies were disbanded with the formal launch of Piso and Associates, LLC. In this company, Dr. Piso’s in-depth knowledge, rich experience and proven expertise have been integrated into a new and improved business model that, he feels, will provide a truly distinct and effective method by which to better serve his clients’ needs.

Dr. Piso with Wayne Dyer

Dr. Piso's Accomplishments and Affiliations

Dr. Piso is a member of PPA – the PA Psychological Association. The purpose of the association is to advance psychology in Pennsylvania as a means of promoting human welfare. It carries out this mission through activities that educate and support the professional development of members, that educate the public through disseminating and applying psychological knowledge, that maintain and build organizational strength, and that advocate vigorously for public access to psychological services.

In recent years, he has served as an Adjunct Professor in the Counseling Psychology Department at Caldwell College in Caldwell, New Jersey, as well as at Penn State University. He has been a presenter at Marywood University, Misericordia University, The University of Scranton, King’s College, Wilkes University and Kutztown University.

An entertaining and memorable presenter, Dr. Piso is an inspiring Keynote Speaker who conducts workshops nationwide in public, corporate and university settings.

  • Author: Dream of Life…Live Your Dream – A Manual of Skills for Living for Today’s Young Adults, Self-Published, 2008
  • Contributing author: The Navigator of Life – Keeping Your Ship of Life in Balance and On Course, by Nathaniel J. Williams, Ed.D., MHS, MPA, 2008
  • Contributing author: Management and Leadership by the 3Ps – Utilizing Prompt, Pristine, and Particular Methods to Manage and Lead Yourself and Others, by Nathaniel J. Williams, Ed.D., MHS, MPA, 2009
  • Contributing author: John Pinto’s Little Green Book of Ophthalmology – Strategies, Tips and Pearls to Help You Grow and Manage a Practice of Distinction, Fourth Edition, by John B. Pinto, 2011 (contributed to Appendix 1, The Ophthalmic Personality; and Appendix 18, Signposts of Surgeon Career and Life Happiness)
  • Contributing author: Ophthalmic Leadership: A Practical Guide for Physicians, Administrators and Teams, edited by John B. Pinto, published by American Society of Ophthalmic Administrators (ASOA), April, 2012 (contributed The Eight Roots of Healthy Power in Effective Medical Leadership plus 3 other chapters)
  • Author: Healthy Power…Pathways to Success in Work, Love and Life, Balboa Press, 2012 (Note: Original manuscript reviewed and endorsed by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer)
  • Contributing author: Pain, Purpose, Passion: That was Then, This is Now, compiled by Dr. Marilyn Gansel, edited by Patricia G. Horan, The Round House Press, 2015 (contributed Tempering Fires: The Invisible Truth That Set Me Free)
  • Contributing author: SIMPLE…The Inner Game of Ophthalmic Practice Success, by John B. Pinto, published by American Society of Ophthalmic Administrators (ASOA), 2015 (contributed the Afterword: A Psychologist’s Perspective on the Inner Game of Ophthalmology)

Currently, Dr. Piso is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at The Commonwealth Medical College in Scranton, Pennsylvania, and serves as the primary instructor for “Project Success” at Luzerne County Community College.

Specializations Include:

Past Talks and Presentations

Eye Care Leaders User Summit

Craig N. Piso, Ph.D. as a panelist
Denver, Colorado
(August 3, 2019)

Finding Courage and Strength During Life’s Most Difficult Challenges

Craig N. Piso, Ph.D. speaking
Geisinger Commonwealth’s Breast Cancer Symposium
(October 17, 2018)

In the Press

FocalPoint Advisors Adds Organizational Change Management Services With the Addition of Craig N. Piso, Ph.D.

Dr. Craig Piso brings his 40 years of organizational change management experience to FocalPoint Advisors.

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FocalPoint Advisors Adds Organizational Change Management Services With the Addition of Craig N. Piso, Ph.D.

Dr. Piso's Awards

Kane Maka (Eye Man) Awards

5-Time Winner of the Kane Maka “Eye Man” Award

Hawaiian Eye – Speaker of the Day Kane Maka Award (pronounced: kah nay, mah ka). In Hawaiian, it translates to “eye man”.

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“What began as an exercise in visualization, ended in a 1st Place victory on ABC’s Expedition Impossible: Morocco. We can attribute our mental toughness to the Healthy Power developed by Craig’s teachings. Through the visualization, team-building, and goal-setting techniques Craig taught us, we were able to come together and function as a single, focused unit. Whenever we began to lose our focus along the way, we were able to call upon Craig’s teachings to find our path. Our experience on Expedition Impossible proved the power of these tools, but our biggest reward is having them to use in our everyday lives.”

Eric Bach, Taylor Filasky, & John Leo Post / The Modern Gypsies

“As a competitive athlete on the world-level I know first-hand how important it is to stay centered and confident during competition—and even in the training room. There’s always a lesson to be learned on the field, in the gym, in the heat of battle. It’s not enough to be on top of your game physically. In order to succeed at the highest level you really have to do some tough mental, emotional, psychological and even spiritual training as well. Dr. Piso’s guidance has been great for helping me learn the lessons that the seemingly physical sport of CrossFit offers, not only on the field but in the training room as well. The tools and tips he offers for use are simple and effective, but also elegant and profound. Dr. Piso himself is intuitive, compassionate and accessible! This is a great resource for any athlete’s support team. Thanks, Dr. Piso!”

Shana Alverson / CrossFit World Games competitor: “One of the 40 Fittest Women on Earth 2009–2012”


2017 USAW Masters National Champion & Grandmaster
National Record Holder – Snatch (W40/63kg)
National Record Holder – Clean & Jerk (W40/63kg)
National Record Holder – Total (W40/63kg)
2017 USAW National Weightlifting Championships Competitor
2016 IWF Masters World Champion & Grandmaster
World Record Holder – Clean & Jerk (W40/63kg)

“When an individual puts great effort into a project, such as a career, a work of art, or a relationship, it is commonly stated that they “poured their soul” into it. Nowhere would that phrase be more appropriate than to describe Dr. Craig Piso’s book, Healthy Power. He has taken loving care to present ideas clearly and in a well-organized fashion with the goal of helping self- examining adults build and maintain their core strengths for the benefit of themselves and others.

The central theme is that all of us can make choices that will draw us away from Unhealthy Power and toward Healthy Power, which is value-driven and benefits ourselves and others. He has organized his concepts using the acronym POWERFUL (P = Personal Responsibility; O = Optimistic Expectations; etc.) to describe steps that readers need to take to ensure Healthy Power. Each of these positive steps is contrasted with its unhealthy opposite, for example the opposite of Personal Responsibility is Personal Irresponsibility.

In his opening sentence Dr. Piso states that “I realize that I have been writing this book for my entire life.” Indeed, that statement rings true throughout this book. He poured his soul into this work of art by generously sharing his life experiences both from his career as a psychologist as well as his personal relationships, and adding depth with examples from a wide range of areas, such as scientific psychology, religion, or history. Each chapter ends with pearls of wisdom or brief and memorable quotations that supplement the points raised in the text. The Appendices section contains useful worksheets. Any self-examining adult, no matter how well educated they are through education or life experiences, is sure to find something of value in these pages.”

Samuel Knapp, Ed.D. / ABPP, Director of Professional Affairs Pennsylvania Psychological Association

“Dr. Craig Piso amazes me with his ability to hone in on characteristics and needs of his clients and direct them with integrity and empathy. His engagement with leaders of all levels is what separates him from other consultants  / mentors / professional coaches. I have experienced his expertise personally as my mentor / professional coach for the past four years, and my career has truly flourished under his tutelage.”

Monique Robinson Clark, MBA / Owner and Principal Consultant Robinson Clark Consulting, LLC

“Craig is a great coach, mentor, author, and leader to those who have the opportunity to be in his company. Facilitating leadership improvement for our entire managerial staff, Craig elevated our organizations’ functional execution, both professionally and interpersonally.”

Spencer Michael / CEO Sight Partners & Northwest Eye Surgeons

“I have worked with Craig for several years and found that he is a tremendous resource, not only for me, but for our entire team! I am currently enrolled in his “Management Development Course” and truly appreciate his vast knowledge and professionalism when it comes to building a great manager. He is a well-known expert in his field and an excellent communicator. He presents real life examples of scenarios that managers encounter on a daily basis and offers suggestions and solutions that are practical and attainable. I look forward to working with Craig for the next several months and can’t wait to apply what I have learned from his course!”

Stacey Burton / Practice Administrator for Sundell Eye Associates